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OnePAD is the “one-page-a-day” notebook for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that syncs using your iCloud account. There are no “files” or “folders”; just one page for every day of the year.

OnePAD’s minimal interface is friction free. Tap the application icon and you’re ready to write. Need a quick reminder? Flip forward to leave yourself a note for tomorrow and it will be the first thing you see when you open OnePAD in the morning. Need to find something you wrote yesterday? Flip back and it’s right there where you left it, not buried in some list of files. Don’t remember when you wrote it down? Tap the magnifying glass icon and search all of your notes.

Watch the OnePAD screencast to see it in action or read the frequently asked questions to learn more.

OnePAD Features

OnePAD Reviews

"So Simple it's Perfect! — I use this app all the time to write my notes and have them sync between my iPad and iPhone - an excellent app, 5 stars!"

"Impressed — Very clean and refined. Does exactly what it says it does, and the app is very well designed. Bravo."

"Just what I have been looking for! — It seems that all the other apps in this category all try and throw in everything, the kitchen sink, and a handy tip calculator."

"Simple. Elegant. Easy. Useful. — Very glad I decided to download and try this app."